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people who wear pants past 7 are not the kind of people i associate with

jesus christ i’m getting hate over this because people are putting the word ‘size’ in there when thats not what i was saying

7:00 P.M.


I thought you meant past age 7 and I was rly confused

"Happy birthday son. Since you’re eight now it’s time you learn about kilts.”

fun fact: In the Victorian era, boys wore dresses until they reached around the age of 10 (give or take a few years, my learnings are rusty), at which point, it was a right of passage to finally become masculine and wear pants. This would be like the reverse of that. :P

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"yeah, you like english, but what are you going to do with it?"

"what kind of job can you even get with a degree like that?"

"you limit yourself too much you’re good at other things"


maybe i want to go to school for something i actually enjoy

this is exactly why I majored in English. because I loved it and I actually had a thoroughly enjoyable university experience with very limited trauma.



lol I can’t even say I don’t personally like to read books with rapists in them without getting called ignorant. I’m done with the internet today. I don’t need this shit right now 

I love when people get pissed about personal life decisions that don’t affect them at all. They can fuck off.  People need to settle down and just leave you alone.

That’s a weird thing to be called ignorant about. Surely you’d be ignorant not to dislike rapey books? Books about rapists are questionable at best and while rape is an important issue that happens in life all the time (and thus I can see the merit in writing about it), it doesn’t always make for an enjoyable reading experience. In fact, by all accounts, it should make readers uncomfortable and I understand why a lot of readers would not want that kind of reading experience.

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